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SALE 24" x 16" Starter Kit! Epoxy Mold

SALE 24" x 16" Starter Kit! Epoxy Mold

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Silicone FREE
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5gram Eyecandy FREE
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This Starter kit includes, 1 tube of AKFix 100% silicone, two 5g Eyecandy pigments, storage bag and wood

Reusable mold made from a variety of plastics that will not bond with epoxy resins! Inside measurement 23.5"x 15.75"x 3.25".

Sick of tuck tape and flimsy molds that fall apart after a use or two? Frustrated by the amount of time it takes to build a mold? Intimidated just in getting started building a mold?
We've figured out a solution! In fact, one of our molds we've actually used for more than 300 pours and still going strong!

Comes with 4 leveling feet and 2 bubble levels to ensure a perfect leveled project every time. Transparent marked front panel to see and measure the depth of your pour. You can even get optional dividers to split your mold into smaller molds and do multiple pours at the same time!!! Use different colors and make a variety of projects in one shot! We have a multitude available, so please choose the ones that you wish from the drop-down. Please note, just one is included in price of the base model, but we have multiple options available.

No screws in this mold, we use German manufactured RAMPA-TEC inserts and bolts to ensure that you don't have any issues de-molding your projects or over striping from screwing in and out.

Want to do a deep pour? No issues! Our mold walls are 3.25" high on the inside of the mold, so you're able to to pour a super thick project! Because the mold walls are fully removable, you're able to easily remove your project without the worry of breaking your mold, or your newly cast work of art.

Silicone should be applied and let dry before each project to ensure a proper seal, but using our molds you will use way less than you may be used to.

You'll never need another mold!

Materials: Plastic

Care Instructions

Use Rubbing alcohol to clean your mold.

Do not over tighten the bolts when assembling the mold.

Clear front plate we recommend that you use wax paste for easy release.

No mold release needed on the white HDPE.

Use 100% silicone to seal your mold. smooth silicone and let dry before pouring epoxy.

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