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HDPE Guitar Mold Shipping World Wide

HDPE Guitar Mold Shipping World Wide

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Introducing, HDPE MAKERS REUSABLE MOLD™ Shipping World Wide!!!

Made for Makers, by Makers.
2,25" deep to be able to cast an actual guitar body

To cast a solid epoxy guitar blank to 1.75" tall you will need approx. 4.8 liters of epoxy. That will be less if you fill the mold with wood or other objects.

Made to order, made by hand and made in Canada, every mold is shipped from Canada within one to two weeks. Shipping times vary, but are typically 3-5 days in transit.

Materials: Plastic

Care Instructions

Use Rubbing alcohol to clean your mold.

Do not over tighten the bolts when assembling the mold.

Clear front plate we recommend that you use wax paste for easy release.

No mold release needed on the white HDPE.

Use 100% silicone to seal your mold. smooth silicone and let dry before pouring epoxy.

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