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AKfix D3 Super Wood Glue 500g

AKfix D3 Super Wood Glue 500g

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Akfix D3 is a ready to use water resistant wood adhesive based on polyvinyl acetate homopolymer emulsion. It is specially formulated to conform to EN 204 (D3).

-Conforms to D3 according to DIN EN 204.
-Excellent bond strength on hard, and soft woods
-Water based
-Easy application

Applications Area
-Suitable for gluing all types of wood, wooden materials and flat laminates,
-Wood to wood, soft- and hardboard, synthetic resin board and chipboard,
-Suitable for fixing paper, cardboard, paper or textile-backed PVC cloth to wood and board,
-May also be used to bond outdoor timber constructions such as window-frames and external doors,
-Particularly suitable for moisture-resistant bonds which have to fulfil high demands.

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Care Instructions

Use Rubbing alcohol to clean your mold.

Do not over tighten the bolts when assembling the mold.

Clear front plate we recommend that you use wax paste for easy release.

No mold release needed on the white HDPE.

Use 100% silicone to seal your mold. smooth silicone and let dry before pouring epoxy.

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